Nicktoons Slimeball Multiplayer

Nicktoons Slimeball Multiplayer 6.0

Nicktoons Slimeball Multiplayer will allow you to play against online players
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Nicktoons Slimeball Multiplayer is a game that will allow you to play Slimeball against online players. You will be represented by the Nicktoon that you prefer. The client will look for online available players, and if it finds at least one (and up to three) of them, the game will start. The objective of the game is to throw slime to your opponents, and score as many goals as possible until the time ends. You can move through the arena by using keys, and you can shoot the slimeballs by clicking on the left button of your mouse. On the floor you will find several objects that you can pick up, as they will give you some advantage. The "Sports Drink" will increase your speed, the "Towel" will wipe out some of the slime that you could have catch, the "Slime Pack" will let you charge your gun, and the "Racket" will make every slime that hits you to bounce. The game ends when there is only one player in the arena. If you entered your user name, the server will keep your highscore.

This is a very attractive game, with good graphics and sound.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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